Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I have recently discovered Polyvore and I am loving it! It has given me such good ideas on how to style clothing and I get the chance to show people how personally I would style pieces. I think it is a great idea for people (like me) who sometimes find it difficult to know what clothes go with what!! Go have a look because I have found it really handy xx

valentines and a new start

So, I know I haven't posted in a while, and I know this post is a bit late, but HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!
Bit of a random post but I thought I would kick things off with me trying to blog a lot more! I have had a bit of a break from all things internet related as I wasn't happy with how things were turning out and I wanted to make a fresh start. This post is just to say hi to you all and hope that I will carry on with more blog posts! But I hope you all had a fab valentines day and got spoilt rotten just as much as I did.

Love you all xx

Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Body Shop

So I'm loving The Body Shop!!! And I am LOVING the body butter especially the fruit smelling ones. It makes me feel so fresh after I put them on and I love the smell of mango and papaya! They smell so fruity and reminds me of Summer and as Summer is one of my favorite seasons when I put his on in the Winter it just reminds me of the sun and reminds me of going on holiday abroad! Just generally LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Health kick!!

So this week I've decided to go on a health kick! I've started this because winter is approaching and I often feel sluggish so a health kick seemed a good idea! Tonight's meal I had noodles, low fat cream cheese and milk to make the sauce, mixed with vegetables and it tasted so good!!

Monday, 1 October 2012


Thought I'd give a quick sneak peak of what Essie-Fiji looks like! It is one of my September favourites and I loovve it! Highly recommended!xxxxxx

September favorites!!

So as it's the end of September I thought I'd give you a sneak peak of what my favorites were before I filmed this month's favorites!! This month has been a funny month as it's been my birthday and it has been both warm and cold so I haven't had many sturdy favorites to show you but these are a few that I have really enjoyed! These do not include any of my birthday presents as I already did a post on it and I don't think I've used any of them enough to tell you about them... ANYWAY.. I'll begin! So I've been loving my coconut hand cleanse gel from The Body Shop! It smells so good and it's so handy to keep in my makeup bag so I have clean hands to do my makeup with! So my next monthly favorite is the MAC Brush Cleanser, it is so easy to use and I can wash my brushes before every use and don't need to wait for them to dry!! All you do is pop a little bit of the cleanser onto an old towel and swirl the brush onto the towel and your brush is clean!! My next favorite is my Real Techniques Buffing Brush! It applies my makeup so well and it is so so so soft!! My next favorite is a Yankee Candle and for anyone who knows me knows that I love my candles and this one smells AMAZE!! ('Wild Passion Fruit' by the way). My last favorite I have seen so many reviews on this and I was debating picking it up as it is £7.99 a bottle but I brought myself to buy it and I love it!! Its Essie-Fiji and I'm sure everyone who watches YouTube or reads blogs will know the hype about this and I completely agree with it! It is just a really pretty color and I think it will look really pretty for the Winter months!!

So that's it for my September favorites, hope you enjoy and watch my YouTube videos! Thank you xxxx

Today's makeup clear out!

Thought I'd have a clear out of my makeup today! And I think I've done a pretty good job to get it reduced into 3 bags! I got into the mindset that if it was old/hardly ever used/will never use again to chuck it out! The next thing on my todo list is to get some makeup storage so that I can post a makeup collection and storage onto my makeup channel, as requested! ANNNDD as I was left alone with my credit card and the Internet I have ordered quite a lot of makeup, oopsy! So when it all comes and all my stuff is stored correctly I will do a video yay! Speak soon xxx