Sunday, 30 September 2012

Pink Lipstick Collection.

So I've just started this blog up, I currently do a video channel on YouTube, but I love makeup and fashion so i thought I'd also start up a blog!

I have started this blog up with makeup because it's something I love and I thought I'd start off with my high-street pink lipstick collection.

I have been testing them out for a while to start this collection, so I have ordered them from favorite first.
1. Lily Cole Lip and Cheek Dome-Body Shop (shade 20 Pinch Me Pink) I really liked this lipstick/blush dome as it didn't stain my lips like a lipstick does it just gave a healthy tint and was so moisturizing on the lips!
2. MUA Lipstick-Boots (shade 4) I thought this lipstick was really creamy and gave a nice color on the lip. Although it didn't last that long on the lip and i had to apply it heavily to get my preferred color.
3. Glossybox lipstick (shade Glossy Pink) I received this lipstick in my Glossybox and I really liked the color when i received it, and i found it lasted a long time. The only thing I didn't like about it was really drying on the lips and I felt I needed to apply a balm on the top.
4. Primark Lipstick (just picked it up and doesn't have a shade on it, sorry!) When I first picked this up I wasn't expecting much as it is a Primark lipstick.. but i was pleasantly surprised!!! It isn't the best lipstick I've ever used but for the price (£1.50!!!!!!) it wasn't too bad! Again it was drying on the lips and quite cakey but it lasted a long time and has a really nice color to it!
5. Barry M Lip Paint-Boots (Shocking Pink) I actually was given this from a friend.. and I really don't like it! I know Barry M is a good high-street make but I felt this lipstick wasn't up to standard. First I am not a fan of the color it is WAY to bright for my skin tone and the contrast made my teeth look yellow:( buuuuttt I wore it out once to do this review and by the end of the night it had smudged all over my face and made me look like a clown. Overall I really wasn't impressed.
6. Natural collection-Boots (Candy Mist) I picked this up because I was looking for a light natural pink lipstick. The shade really doesn't suit me as I am naturally pale the color of the lipstick made me look dead! It also wore off in the first 5 minutes of me putting it on, so overall it really wasn't worth me buying it as it doesn't last.


I hope you enjoy and carry on reading my blog!

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