Sunday, 30 September 2012

What I had for my birthday!

So it was my 17th birthday last Sunday and I thought I would show you what I got off my friends and family! I was so so so lucky and got everything I had my eyes on! My friends and family also threw a surprise party for me which was completely unexpected!!
     So this is a post just to show you a few things that I got.

So the first thing I got was my favorite present!!! It was off my boyfriend and I had gone into the Harrod's and was looking at the Tiffany counter and i fell in love with this bracelet! I wasn't expecting it at all as I live in Wales and the nearest Tiffany's in London!!! So my mum went up to London on work and sneakily got it for my boyfriend to give to me, and I actually refuse to take it off!!! It is so gorgeous and I am so lucky to get it xxxx

I have had my eyes on these perfumes for a while and my Nan caught on when I said I liked Ralph Lauren 2... IT SMELLS AMAZING!! I love fruity smells and I've had a few fruity perfumes that I have enjoyed but never loved, but I when I first smelled this perfume I fell in love, its like me in a bottle!
      The second perfume I got was also off my boyfriend and it was the Lady Gaga Fame Perfume and there were so many reviews on it and loads of people saying how much they liked it, and when I saw it I fell in love with the packaging! It so unique (but I wasn't expecting anything less off Lady Gaga!) and I just overall love the scent!

Hope you enjoy and keep reading xxxxx

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